Cloud Kestrel can help clients become more efficient, agile, and responsive by empowering them with the latest cloud, social and mobile technologies. We are a comprehensive consulting firm with an extensive range of highly adaptive, unique and agile Salesforce services combined with associated programs. We want to deliver simplified solutions for complex business setting.

Our aim is to enable enterprises to transform their businesses using the latest features – the cloud, digital, and analytics solutions. In addition, we specialize in streamlining key business processes by deploying advanced enterprise applications, with the existing IT infrastructure and maintenance.

Our advanced Salesforce solutions and cloud computing solutions promise to enhance different dimensions and further assist the process of transformation, which is crucial for an enterprise to succeed in the competitive market.

We have successfully worked large corporates as well as SMEs in different countries across the world. We present vertical specific solutions addressing key business challenges in some of the most difficult areas of various organizations, businesses and institutions.

We are headquartered in USA but based in Texas.